Plastics-in-Motion 2016

Global Automotive Plastics Congress & Exhibit
Adoba Hotel, Dearborn, Michigan May 8-11, 2016
Francis Marion Hotel
Charleston, South Carolina


Plastics have played a huge role in 'driving' the success of the automotive industry for several decades. But never before have we seen the incredible advancements in plastics for the automotive industry that we're seeing today to meet the demand of vehicle light-weighting, aesthetics and quality. Industry leaders will convene at "Plastics-in-Motion" to discuss the challenges and explore new opportunities in the use of plastics in the automotive industry. It is a unique opportunity to:

  • Learn about new materials, novel processing and manufacturing techniques, emerging technologies, market dynamics, and new business directions for automotive plastics.
  • Meet numerous key decision-makers, industry leaders, business executives, and leading professionals from the OEMs and the many suppliers.
  • Discuss your company's strengths, technologies, and products.
  • Develop new business alliances and explore future cooperation.
  • Opportunity to display your products, technology, and services at the Exhibit.


Session 1: Advances in Structural Composites
Session 2: Plastics in Automotive Interiors/Exteriors
Session 3: Plastics Under the Hood
Session 4: Light-weighting Automotive Components
Session 5: Innovations in Manufacturing & Assembly
Session 6: Specialty Materials and Additives
Session 7: Sustainable Automotive Plastics & Elastomers

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Marco Barbolini, Röchling Automotive (Italy)
Ryan Cutler, ELMET North America
Clare Goldsberry,
Amos Golovoy, AG Research
Ken Kerouac, SourceTek